March 2018--Theresa Swisher

1.Tell us about yourself, your family, your occupation, hobbies/interests.
I grew up on my family farm north of Delia and currently live north of Emmett. I met my husband, Glenn, at Jeffrey Energy Center. We have two children 1) Morgan, who is married to Siera and they have a son Carter. Morgan is in the army and stationed at Fort Stewart in Georgia. 2) Mattie is a junior at K-State studying to get into their veterinary school. I currently work part time as a secretary at SA Legal Advisors in St. Marys for Rich Schoenfeld. I enjoy face-timing my grandson and spending time with my mom as well as my family.

2. When do you start CrossFitting? Why did you start? Why do you continue now?
I started CrossFit in January 2017 after my doctor encouraged me to give it a try. I continue to CrossFit because I need a break from my daily stressors and because I need the exercise!

3. Do you remember your first WOD? What were your thoughts after your first WOD?
Because I had no experience with weights and the training, I remember thinking “Who in the world came up with these movements?”, especially wall walks.

4. What do you enjoy most about CrossFit?
I enjoy the camaraderie with my training partners and encouragement from them and the coaches.

5. What is your proudest CrossFit moment?
My proudest moment is being able to do a WOD rx and when I finish before the time cap.

6. What is your favorite movement or lift? What is your least favorite?
I do not have a favorite movement or lift. Dead lifts are okay. Right now, my least favorite movement is wall balls.

7. Have you had one or two challenging CrossFit goals that you've achieved recently? What are your current goals and how close are you to reaching them?
I have made some improvements in proper form when getting the barbell and weights over my head. I have not cracked open my chin for several months! Finally learned to move my head back and out of the way.

8. What makes CrossFit different from other fitness programs that you might have tried in the past?
I did an aerobics class several (30) years ago at a gym and did not get to know any other people working out. There was no individual attention and encouragement from the coaches or other classmates. No one cared if I showed up or not. The gym was only interested in receiving their monthly fee. It is so different at CrossFit Benedictus. I get Slack messages from fellow CrossFitters, people are concerned about you if you miss some classes, asking when I am coming, kudos on a job well done.  I fell part of a community of likeminded individuals concerning fitness.

9. What impact has CrossFit Benedictus had on your life, in and out of the gym?
Since every CrossFit class is a challenge to me and I have survived all the classes I have attended, I think I have gained some courage in facing other challenges. Sometimes the challenge is to just get out of bed in the morning knowing that it is going to be a busy and long day. But I think “I am doing CrossFit, so I can do whatever comes today”.

10. Tell us about your nutrition and how it has changed, if any, since starting CrossFit?
My actual nutritional intake has not changed since starting CrossFit; however, I am more aware of what foods I eat and what foods I should not eat.

11. If you could write a WOD for the classes to do, what would it look like?
My WOD for a class would have no wall balls and very little weight-lifting.

12. What advice do you have for others about the importance of the dedication of taking care of yourself, of investing in yourself?
It is very important to me that I take care of myself so that I can take care of the people in my life. I like helping others, but I need to be strong and healthy to do it well.

13. What advice would you give to someone new to CrossFit or who is thinking about giving it a try?
I would advise someone to try the class and be dedicated to attending at least 2 classes a week for a minimum of 6 months and don’t be too hard on yourself! You as the new Cross Fitter expect way more out of yourself than the coaches do.

14. Open Forum: Because of the understanding and attention of the coaches who modify and scale the difficult moves and the encouragement of the team members I have been able to complete several WODs that had me nervous and ready to cancel that particular class. I am continually impressed by the level of dedication and courage of the training partners that I work out with. I love to see the pregnant women, women with injuries, all ages of the women and men and what they accomplish. It is astonishing to me to watch their perseverance and accomplishments. I have enjoyed my time in the box and thank all of you for being so welcoming.
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