I am having awesome benefits!

“I am having awesome benefits!

• to start with I was 205lbs when i started and this morning I am at 183lbs (that feels great and my clothes fit better:)
• before crossfit i would fish the river with my john boat and a mud motor. After running that motor it really wore on my shoulder and back..... in the last 30 days I have had it out 5-6 times and have had ZERO pain which is amazing! 1 goal realized!:)
• before crossfit i did not eat healthy at all and sometimes went more than 24hrs with out eating at all. First thing i did since starting was eat consistently 3-5 times a day and cut out most sugars and grains. I have noticed the inflammation of the joints has not bothered me near as much and I definitely have more energy!

I have a long way to go but am enjoying the process!”

--DR, 082216
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