'Immense Benefit’

'First I'd like to state that I was not even as consistent with my classes as I would have liked...yet still saw immense benefit from working out prior to and what little I did during my pregnancy.
For starters, my back. Normally during pregnancy I need to see the chiro once or twice a month then a few times a week in the last few weeks. This time around? I went in for an adjustment once! And that was right before my due date. That is amazing for me! And my wallet.
Another benefit I saw was decrease in heartburn. I know it was linked because whenever I missed a couple WODS in a row, heartburn would return. As soon as I started working out again, heartburn would go away. talk about incentive to get to class!
In regards to my labor... Yes, I would say CrossFit benefited that as well. (Our son) was a posterior baby. At one point during labor I became scared and discouraged. I thought for sure I was going to need a c-section. After some praying and help from above, I was able to push that fear to the side( no pun intended there.) and thankfully delivery my little guy safe and sound! I know all those horrible WODS gave me the stamina to get through that long hour of pushing.
Recovery... That has been a thumbs up as well! I actually overdid it one week and set myself back a bit because I felt so good two weeks postpartum. Whoops. :) I'm also back into my pre pregnancy clothes at  4 weeks postpartum and have almost shed all the baby weight. That's new for me. I usually can't lose the extra weight until I stop nursing.
I'm so grateful to the box and my coaches that I was able to experience a fit pregnancy and feel safe while doing so. Thank you! Looking forward to coming back.'

---AP, 040416
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