No one would leave me stranded.

In coming to my first orientation I was very nervous. There was self respect kicking in, what if I can't do the moves, what if it shows how out of shape I am and I embarrass myself, but what also made me nervous was that I had no idea what I was going to do. Coming into a room of four people in the exact same place you were, was a lot less daunting than going into a gym filled with robots plugged into their music, running or cycling away so severely.

Ten minutes in to the class a kind of bond started to form, I think, between us. We heard each other goals, we began to see our strengths and weaknesses which in turn fostered the team spirit of support and encouragement. This was one of my favorite things about the Onramp. The 'tribe' environment is contagious.

When you began explaining the moves it was obvious how little I knew about form. As you and the other coaches explained, without it we most likely would hurt ourselves or even just limit our ability to do more as our form lacked efficiency. Without this stepping stone to our first real class, I think confusion would be the least problem.

Going to my first real WOD was made easier than my first orientation because of everything the coaches had explained. They were each thorough. The information, while a bit confusing at first, was drilled just enough to where we all felt comfortable if we met that work out again. This combined with how approachable each of the coaches were gave us the tools we needed to begin CrossFit. I was a bit lost but had more confidence knowing I had already seen the basics, knowing where everything was, but most of all knowing the coaches were all knowledgeable and available if I had questions. No one would leave me stranded.

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