'Impacts me on a daily basis’

'Thank you very much! There is absolutely nothing that encourages me more than a marked improvement against myself from 4 months ago. I hope hope you continue to schedule these kinds of WODs from time to time as a great reminder that this is definitely working!

The Box truly impacts me on a daily basis in exactly the way I'd hoped. I'm much more energetic in my daily duties as a wife and mother even in the smallest things. It's huge to NOT have an excuse for laziness! Also, my back has been feeling better which is wonderful, because for me it's completely debilitating when it goes out.

I could go on and on about why CF is good for me personally, but please know that I love it. It's hard sometimes, but I appreciate it enough that I try to only miss if I'm out of town or sick. '

--AV, 071115
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