Myth: CrossFit is Expensive

CrossFit is sooo Expensive…Or is it?

Prior to the current training model that CrossFit affiliates use, people had two basic choices for training outside their home. The more common approach was a membership to a standard 'globo' gym typically costing about $20 to $30 per month; the other, less commonly used, approach was a personal trainer costing about $60 to $75 per one hour session with an obligation of 8 to 10 sessions per month ($500 to $600/month). Personal training was obviously superior since it had someone else designing workouts for maximal results; furthermore, the athlete had someone to be accountable to & to watch their mechanics & to answer questions and the like.

Most people went the route of the standard gym membership because of cost. Year after year, data analysis shows that roughly 80-85% of people with standard gym memberships do not go to the gym; this means they are subsidizing the small minority who do actually go. (It is expensive to run a gym and owners of the typical gym are counting on people not showing up.) According to a report in the Washington Post on January 5, 2016, once the average gym membership expense and attendance rates are all taken into account, the average trip to the standard gym costs $17 per visit.

So far in 2017, our data shows that our members come to our gym an average of 9 times per month. On average, our members pay a little less than $90 for their gym membership. (Some pay more. Some pay less. It depends upon their chosen membership plan.) This means they are paying an average less than $10 per one hour class. (The more often a member comes to class, the less expensive it is per class. This is a high-end example.)

So, let’s look at some comparisons…

Let's say I take my car through the automated carwash on the east side of Manhattan. Their next to top tier wash is $11 and takes 10 minutes. That's $66 per hour.

Or, instead of spending money on my car, I take my wife out to a reasonable restaurant. Dinner for two with one glass of wine per person (plus gratuity) runs me about $100 for the hour and a half of dining and experience. That comes to $33.33 per hour per person.

Maybe McDonald's is more your speed. (No tangents here on how much you'll be spending to harm yourself!) A Big Mac Value meal is $5.99. If it takes me 15 minutes to gobble it down, that comes to $23.96/hour.

A Registered Dietician is $100 to $125/hour. My massage therapist is $75/hour and my chiropractor is $75 for a 15 minute appointment ($300/hour). The average barber is about $50/hour; the average ladies’ hair dresser is even more than that. What does the $5 (or more) coffee from the local coffee shop cost one per month?

I think you are getting the point.

At CrossFit Benedictus, we deliver value for your money. What We Do Works! I have numerous members of ours tell me they no longer need to take medications for diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, etc. Others have told me they spend less on their CrossFit Benedictus membership than they used to spend on their chiropractor—-who they rarely need to see anymore. Their memberships pay for themselves.
Classes have a coach-led warm up, coaching instruction, coaching supervision to ensure quality movement and safety and the benefit of training in a group which makes us work harder and achieve more than we can do on our own. You will improve in all ten arenas of fitness: agility, balance, coordination, strength, stamina, flexibility, accuracy, power, speed and cardio-respiratory endurance—and you will have fun while doing it.
All for less than $10 per hour.
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