'CrossFit during pregnancy.'

I wanted to share my experience in case it helped anyone who was on the fence about CrossFit during pregnancy. I'm just so surprised at the difference this time around!

I was already a couple months in doing CrossFit​ when I got pregnant. The beginning months were​ difficult due to being nauseous and wanting to throw up mid-WODs. I never did, but it lasted awhile. By that point I could already see and feel the benefits of 'coming back' so I continued to push through 2-3 workouts every week throughout my whole pregnancy. I felt great each trimester, so I just always did what I could each workout accordingly.

Some weeks I may have had aches and pains, but they would disappear to my surprise & I could tell my body was adapting & I was still able to get good workouts in! Right up to the 40 week 1 day mark (my last WOD) I was able to push myself safely and feel great at the end!

I've always been the very non active type during my other 7 pregnancies. You know, not bending down at the end, aches and pains restricting me from normal activities, feeling like a bump on a log! This time I was still squatting to pick things up, carrying heavy objects, being active more with my kids than ever & really—not feeling 80%-90%of my usual end of pregnancy complaints!

Labor & delivery were very trying mentally, probably one of my worse ones...I pulled on a lot of mental strength I had gained from CrossFit & I'd hate to have delivered my 10lb 4oz big baby without the benefits of CF pushing me forward.

At this point I can't imagine going through another pregnancy without doing CrossFit the whole time! 😊  Recovery has been great so far, & that is something I've never experienced!  My recoveries are usually difficult in many different ways, so this is a very welcome change!
Thank you coaches, for getting me safely through what seemed to be, the longest pregnancy EVER! 😊

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