'A real investment in your health, both mental & physical.'

Being 54yrs old, I found myself relying too much on the strength of my sons to accomplish many of my daily tasks. I needed to be able to do these things myself.
I had vaguely heard about CrossFit helping people to do what sounded to me to be impossible. I thought if I could lift 10lbs without pain, I would be content. After 3 months of CrossFit scaled to the extreme for all my issues, I no longer suffer from neck or lower back pain. I can deadlift 105lbs! I can only imagine what I will be able to lift a year from now.
I look forward to each class hoping to improve on each set of skills learned. I am so encouraged by the wonderful coaches & fellow classmates. They all help me to believe I can do this! They give such  a great example of dedication & perseverance, I just have to give it my best effort. This gives me great hope for my future.
My family loves that I have more energy & am happier & easier to talk to. I would strongly encourage anyone who has a need for more strength or has back pain or neck pain to give CrossFit a try.
        It is a real investment in your health, both mental & physical.

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