'I am very pleased with the results.’

'As you know, I was very out of shape when I started at Docs Box Pax Tecum this last winter. Before that, sometimes I would be out of breath after climbing the stairs even though I am in my mid thirties. I was 40 lbs overweight and I knew I needed to do something about it. I felt like I was at the level of about what a 'normal' 50 year old would be with my general fitness...literally.

Its now July and after being in Crossfit for five months I have lost 25 lbs and I feel great. I almost feel like my age again. Give me another six months and I will be way better in shape than I was in my mid to late twenties...literally.

I played softball the other day and felt twenty years younger than when I played last summer. In fact, last summer, before Crossfit, my legs gave out from under me the first time I went after a fly ball in the outfield and I was sore for a week. This time around, after the game, I felt like I had just barely done the warm-up portion of a WOD.

Needless to say, I am very pleased with the results.

Thanks for everything and keep up the great work.'

--BM, 071515
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