Benefits of CrossFit Group Training

Besides feeling better, living better and looking better (all will happen if one follows the CrossFit training & nutritional recommendations), CrossFit done in the class setting has other benefits:

*Instruction. You are taught and monitored by a CrossFit Level 1 (or higher) trainer. This is like having a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost. (Most personal trainers charge about $60 per hour and require a minimum of 8 classes/ month.)  Instruction also keeps a variety of movements regularly introduced and helps develop new skills. Having a trainer also reduces the risk of injury; there is someone watching and improving your mechanics.

*Variety. The few people who do exercise on their own get into a rut. This not only leads to burnout and to quitting but it causes them to plateau which means no further benefit is reached. With workout programming not in the athletes' hands, the variety is good physically and psychologically. It never gets dull or routine or boring.

*Sustainability. Because of the above, it is sustainable for the long haul.

*Fun. Doing our workouts in community makes it fun. We build camaraderie!

*Accountability. Having scheduled classes increases the odds of working out AND your training partners will miss you and ask about you when you are gone. Plus, the relationships built in the gym setting is wonderfully encouraging to keep one coming back.

To quote just a few of our current members:

“The reason I joined is that I can’t do it alone. I need to be around other men who push themselves. They keep me motivated to push myself.”

“With the work I do,  I have no social life—CrossFit provides me one beautifully.”

“Group motivation is key. I would not work at this level on my own.”

“I thank God for having giving me the opportunity to be a part of this group!”

“After every class I cannot think of anything else I would have rather done in the last hour.”

'I definitely would not have done a great sprint interval/endurance workout like today's on my own.'

'Kudos to the 540 class for pushing each other!!'
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