Mission & Values

Mission: Our mission is to create and foster an environment of camaraderie, team work, selflessness and excellence while we educate, train and motivate our client athletes to develop and maintain a holistically healthy and productive life of the body and the spirit.

Values: If our mission statement is our destination then our values are the road we take to that it. We hold the same standards to our coaches and our athletes.

*Integrity and Honor: We expect and demand adherence to moral & ethical principles and soundness of character which means, in part, honesty, truthfulness and accuracy in ones words and actions. It is the notion of doing the right thing even if no one is looking and no one will ever know. Our Father in Heaven knows.
*Courage: CrossFit is not easy. It takes courage to suit up and show up. It takes courage to come to class faithfully and yet coming to class faithfully will develop courage in the other arenas of life.
*Humility: Leave your ego at the door and remember that somewhere someone is warming up with your 1RM. We applaud the other athletes’ achievements, not our own.
*Work Ethic: No matter what one’s results are, it is the hard work and the effort to improve one’s self that is celebrated. We celebrate the 4 minute Fran and the 10 minute Fran if each athlete is doing their very best to learn & improve.
*Perserverance and Dedication: “But he that shall persevere to the end, he shall be saved.” (Mt: 24:13). Fitness is not found on a treadmill with an iPod or a TV; nor is it found in a quick fix fad diet. Holistic health is achieved and maintained by perseverance in the gym and dedication to a comprehensively healthy lifestyle outside the gym.
*Stewardship: Our coaches are charged with being good stewards of your time, your education and your safety. Our athletes are charged with being good stewards of our facility and all the equipment and gear in it.
*Camaraderie: It has been phrased that Laughter + Agony = Camaraderie. The loudest cheeers will be for the last person to finish. We value the relationships built in the gym. People who train and suffer together forge a unique bond. Please be aware, if we haven’t seen you for a while, you will be hearing from us to make sure everything is okay.
*Modesty: This is manifest in one’s behavior and dress. It is the quality of being unassuming in the estimation of one’s abilities and and in the behavior, manner and appearance of one’s actions & dress to avoid impropriety and indecency.
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