'I never got a headache.’

'For 10 years or more, I have had headaches almost daily. Not horrible,
but just a constant dull ache in the back of the head and neck. These
are worse with any jumping or running activities. Then the headaches
become severe, needing pain medicine for relief. So I just did not
run, and avoided jumping or jarring at all cost.
When I started crossfit, I did not notice any difference in headache
frequency. But one day I was horsing around with my son (about 4
months after starting crossfit)and he challeneged me to a race across
the yard. I am never one to turn down a challenge, so off we went. As
I beat him to the front door, I realized what I just did and thought,
'oh crap, I am going to have a whopper of a headache now'. I went
about my day without another thought and it wasn't untill dinner that
I realized, 'hey, I never got a headache from running'. Then several
days later after a WOD of jump ropes that I realized jumping and
running no longer make my head ache. I also realized that I no longer
have daily neck pain either, thanks to crossfit.'

--AC, 120715
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