'Pain free…'

'I grew up playing a LOT of baseball. My primary position was pitcher, and it really started wearing down my shoulder in my throwing arm to the point that I needed to attend physical therapy. A few years after high school I went to see Dr (name), thinking that I would require surgery. Doc said that nothing seemed obviously torn, but that I would have to see a specialist about repairing the damage done.

In the meantime I kept on playing softball, being sure to baby my arm as much as I could. It usually took about a week for my shoulder to stop hurting after playing a game, but I didn't let that stop me.

This last summer I played in a softball tourney here in town. One day my dad asked me 'How's the shoulder feelin?'. I said 'You know, it feels pretty dang good. Almost feels like it did when I was in high school'. My job is pretty stenuous on my shoulders so I would actually expect it to get worse over time. He asked if I owed it to Cross Fit and I said that is the only explanation, since I don't do any other physical working out besides that.

So I guess all that pain and suffering has done me some good! I'll tell you it sure feels good to play my favorite sports again and not only be pain free, but to be able to perform at a competitive level.'

--DP, 112515
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