February 2022--Crady Royer

1. Tell us about yourself, your family, your occupation, hobbies/interests.
​48 yrs young, native Kansan born and raised. Married 10yrs to my poor wife Catherine and we have 5 children thus far. I am a registered nurse. I have mostly worked in hospice care going on 16 years. I am pretty boring. Do the standard stuff: some fishing, deer hunting, grilling/smoking, reading, time with family, and of course CrossFit.

2. When do you start CrossFitting? Why did you start? Why do you continue now?
I started CFB in Jan of 2020. I started after several attempts at working out on my own. I had been curious about it and even had a discussion with Doc regarding it few years ago but took no action. Finally accepted the fact that if I wanted any measure of fitness I had to find another way. Took the CFB plunge and I have been hooked ever since. It’s like a form of therapy for me now.

3. Do you remember your first WOD? What were your thoughts after your first WOD?
I don’t recall my first WOD. I do recall going home and ending up on my bed sacking out which I believe they said not to do. “Keep moving.” Right? I do recall feeling a little intimidated by it all. That said, I was ready for more.

4. What do you enjoy most about CrossFit?
​ It is not boring. I look forward to every WOD (well almost ha ha). The varied movements, intensity keeps it interesting. I really enjoy the camaraderie at the box (shout out 540 men!). I think no matter what class time I attend the environment would be positive. I feel challenged and feel great when I get through a WOD.

5. What is your proudest CrossFit moment?
Well I do have that Most Improved Athlete award in a prominent place in my house. In all seriousness, there are many! Getting to ring the bell after a PR (but can’t remember what it was??) the first time. To see measurable gains in movements, lifts, or to improve a WOD time compared to previous.

6. What is your favorite movement or lift? What is your least favorite?
STO movements especially the push press. I do like the weights for strengthening sessions and met con! Overhead squats hands down is the least favorite.

7. Have you had one or two challenging CrossFit goals that you've achieved recently? What are your current goals and how close are you to reaching them?
​ Squatting! Though it still ain’t purty I am sure. Still working on one strict pull up. Think I am getting about half way up. Hard to believe that many years ago it wasn’t an issue at all. Recently have been able to knock out a few toes to bars which had been a goal.

8. What makes CrossFit different from other fitness programs that you might have tried in the past?
I don’t have any other gym experience. I like that is a group effort. It is supportive, encouraging no matter what age or ability level. It can’t be said too many times that we would not do this alone. Having a community culture builds cohesiveness. Team WODs build on this. Having coaches there to train, guide, encourage, critique is essential to improvement. You don’t have to invent your own workouts. The WOD is ready to roll, all you have to do is show up, scale as needed, work hard!

9. What impact has CrossFit Benedictus had on your life, in and out of the gym?
Not only has it helped me physically, but mentally it helps with stress relief, mood, sleep. I have the “good” kind of tired after a gritty WOD. I also feel a little more self confident. It has helped with endurance for other activities outside the box too!

10. Tell us about your nutrition and how it has changed, if any, since starting CrossFit?
I will confess that this still needs help. Shedding pounds from working out alone won’t do it. I have been able to cut back on some “comfort foods” etc that I have previously enjoyed. Additionally sometimes it may be the case of not what I am eating but how much! Eating probably should have been listed as a hobby for question 1. To turn the “flab into fab” good nutrition is the foundation. The hard part for me is really buckling down on it.

11. If you could write a WOD for the classes to do, what would it look like?
1RFT: 400m run
21 thrusters
400m run
15 push press
400m run
9 push jerks
400m run

12. What advice do you have for others about the importance of the dedication of taking care of yourself, of investing in yourself?
I see many conditions in my line of work that can be attributed to lifestyle choices. I see the end results. Modifiable risk factors for diseases that perhaps someone chose not eliminate or mitigate. For our society, families,and especially our children. I think it is important to do good self care because it impacts them as well. It can set a good example. Of course there is also 1 Cor 6:19 which can always be quoted.

13. What advice would you give to someone new to CrossFit or who is thinking about giving it a try?
Quit thinking about it and go for it! Nothing to lose but time wasted! All you have to do is show up. The WOD is ready to go, you can be trained for the movements, scale as needed, meet interesting characters and sweat buckets with them! I would also encourage any newcomer to participate in events outside of regular WODs like Murph, CF Open, C2 rowing challenge etc.

14. Open Forum: I am glad I took the leap and tried CrossFit. I would like to thank Our Lady and Our Lord that I can participate. I am grateful to my wife for her support, Dr. Carroll, Joe, Andy, and the coaches. I would like to express appreciation for all the athletes as well. It has been a great ride and I look forward to more God willing!
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