Getting Started

To get started please contact us to set up your free No Sweat Intro. This is a 15 to 30 minute visit with you wherein we visit about your fitness goals, your background, any physical limitations you might have and see how that matches up with what we offer. It gives us a chance to answer any questions you have. A tour of the gym is included.

There are no high-pressure sales tactics. This is just a chit-chat. We want you to be comfortable with us and we want to be comfortable with you; these are essential for a positive and lasting relationship.  

We do our No Sweat Intros before a group class so you may stick around and see what a class looks like and to visit with our members if you’d like. You will not be working out—-hence the name No Sweat Intro.

Upon joining our membership, you will begin with our On Ramp program.

628 W. Bertrand
St Mary's, KS 66536 (view larger map)