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Fri, Sep 27 2019

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Fight Gone Bad on Jul 4, 2020 (1 day ago)
Pull up MaxCFB Total: Back Squat 1RMCFB Total

Pull up Max

Max effort pull ups.  

As many pull ups as possible without dropping from the bar.

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Andy37 Rx
Seth29 Rx 3rd
Sam28 Rx 4th
Patrick H26 Rx
Joe K26 Rx 6th
Louis24 Rx 8th
Ryan H21 Rx
Luis21 Rx
Robert K18 Rx 11th
Ryan M18 Rx 11th
Philomena Q16 Rx 2nd
Joe Su11 Rx 13th
Robert A8 Rx 15th
Dave G7 Rx
Chris F5 Rx 17th
Matt T25  20th RR
Katie T21  6th RR
Sarah L20  7th RR
Edmund19  21st RR
Phil B17  22nd RR
Maria D16  green and black band
Philomena P16  9th Aussie
Mark T15  23rd RR
Maria W15  10th green and black band
Paul15  23rd RR
Cyril13  green band
Theresa Sp13  Aussie
Linda11  11th green band
Robin11  11th Green/Black band
John Mor10  28th Aussie PU
Barbara B10  12th Aussie
Frank L 29th Purple Band
Amy C 13th Purple
Jennifer R 14th Purple
Grace 15th Aussie

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