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Wed, Jul 3 2019

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Grace on Jan 20, 2020 (73 days ago)

Laser Beam

30/25 cal row
60-second handstand hold

RxB: 60-second push up plank hold

Each round, accumulate 60 seconds of hold time before getting back on the rower. The WOD ends with the hold.

17’ cap


100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Luis10:18 Rx
Alex H11:33 Rx
Ben12:03 Rx
John-Paul12:08 Rx
Amy C12:52 Rx
Joe T12:53 Rx
Mike13:02 Rx
Melissa D13:10 Rx
Joe C13:48 Rx
Katie T15:13 Rx 25 sec penalty added
Bruce15:20 Rx
Jacintte15:21 Rx
Ryan M16:33 Rx
Robert A16:53 Rx
Ryan H17:00 Rx Cap +10
Richard B11:10 Rx2
Jackie11:36 Rx2
Theresa Sp11:45 Rx2
Carlyle11:53 Rx2
Andrew12:33 Rx2
Theresa Sw12:45 Rx2
Stephen13:11 Rx2
Doug13:20 Rx2
Greg C13:24 Rx2
Chris F13:35 Rx2
Maisy13:39 Rx2
Jessica13:40 Rx2
Chris G13:43 Rx2
Charles H13:50 Rx2
Theresa Ri14:00 Rx2
Joe Su14:01 Rx2
Veronica14:14 Rx2
Philomena P14:21 Rx2
Maria W14:42 Rx2
Cyril14:52 Rx2
Linda14:54 Rx2
Barbara B15:00 Rx2
Maria D15:07 Rx2
Mark T15:36 Rx2
John Mor16:23 Rx2
Edmund16:48 Rx2
Dave G11:20  Not Rx

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