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Tue, Sep 17

Gymversary Ben-4
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Fight Gone Bad on Jul 4, 2019 (75 days ago)
Spit & SputterOn Ramp WOD #2

Spit & Sputter

1 Alley Run changed to a 400m run 9/17/19
15 KB Snatches, Left, Men: RxA/B/C: 45/40/35; Women: RxA/B/C: 30/25/20
15 KB Snatches, Right

Athlete must be out on their 4th and final run by the 15' mark.

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Sam12:20 Rx Alley Run
Andy12:37 Rx
Patrick H13:01 Rx Alley Run
Helena13:07 Rx
Melissa D15:27 Rx
Ben15:39 Rx
Joe T15:55 Rx Alley Run
Philomena Q16:31 Rx
Patricia14:22 Rx2
Maisy16:24 Rx2
Mike17:00 Rx2
Andrew14:43 Rx3
Charles H15:00 Rx3 Cap+35. Alley Run
Katie G16:11 Rx3
Julie16:51 Rx3
Jennifer R17:07 Rx3
Jacintte17:17 Rx3
Lauren17:18 Rx3
Victoria17:20 Rx3
Paul13:30  Not Rx
Joe S15:27  Not Rx
Isaiah19:01  Not Rx

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